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  • My daughter was a student of KeyboardKidz for five years and when she began had never had individual lessons before. She was guided through several exams with excellent results and completed her Associate Diploma of Music in her final year. For the majority of the time, she had the same teacher whose enthusiasm was infectious and whose expertise was fantastic. Public performance was encouraged through regular concerts and she was encouraged to pursue her interest in composition. My daughter always received individual attention and guidance, and we really couldn't have been happier with the support she received. Thanks Malcolm and team.

    Kate Dyson
  • I found Keyboardkidz very professional, great teachers and reasonably priced. Manager has been very quick in answering all my queries.

  • Keyboardkidz has taught all 3 of my children and couldn't have been happier with the level of education they received. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to learn piano.

    Darren M.
  • I have been extremely happy with the service and conduct from Keyboardkidz over the past 6 months. The staff and management have been easy to deal with and flexible with my requests, and they understand the approach to learning so that we can get the most out of the lessons. Piano is so difficult it's like learning a new language, yet it's been such a rewarding process for us. I wish I could have done piano when I was at school. I would highly recommend Keyboardkidz if you're looking for a genuine and caring team for your child's tuition. 5 stars.

    Andrew E.

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