Keyboardkidz Testimonials

  • My daughter was a student of KeyboardKidz for five years and when she began had never had individual lessons before. She was guided through several exams with excellent results and completed her Associate Diploma of Music in her final year. For the majority of the time, she had the same teacher whose enthusiasm was infectious and whose expertise was fantastic. Public performance was encouraged through regular concerts and she was encouraged to pursue her interest in composition. My daughter always received individual attention and guidance, and we really couldn't have been happier with the support she received. Thanks Malcolm and team.

    Kate Dyson Google 2018
  • I found Keyboardkidz very professional, great teachers and reasonably priced. Manager has been very quick in answering all my queries.

  • Keyboardkidz has taught all 3 of my children and couldn't have been happier with the level of education they received. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to learn piano.

    Darren M. Google 2017
  • I have been extremely happy with the service and conduct from Keyboardkidz over the past 6 months. The staff and management have been easy to deal with and flexible with my requests, and they understand the approach to learning so that we can get the most out of the lessons. Piano is so difficult it's like learning a new language, yet it's been such a rewarding process for us. I wish I could have done piano when I was at school. I would highly recommend Keyboardkidz if you're looking for a genuine and caring team for your child's tuition. 5 stars.

    Andrew E.
  • My son has been doing piano with KeyboardKidz for the past few years and we love it. It's so convenient having the lessons at school. Being able to do performances is a fantastic part of the program and something you don't get with a private teacher. My son's teacher is so patient and encouraging and she is a musical genius. Malcolm is a pleasure to deal with and very helpful. Highly recommend!

    Leah Woodward Google 2020
  • All 3 of my children have learned to play the piano at KeyboardKidz Piano School. Their program is excellent, especially the 'Create & Play' aspect of the the lessons where the children from the very beginning are encouraged to make their own music!

    Sarah Roeloffs Google 2020
  • My kids loved their years at KeyboardKidz. Malcolm is great to deal with and also the piano teachers. Thanks for all the concerts and piano memories created!

    Lorena Romina Ruiz Google 2019
  • Keyboardkidz is an amazing school that provides tuition that is catered to the needs of the modern piano student. It’s great how students can conveniently sit for accredited piano exams whenever they are ready, and they can also participate in big concerts throughout the year to share the fruits of their learning! The school also provides fantastic support for its teachers, who are held accountable for their tuition standards - not something you normally get elsewhere. I learned so much during my time teaching at Keyboardkidz and I, along with my students, owe a lot of our success to this piano school and everything it stands for. Thanks for everything!

    Serena Mak Google 2019
  • My 1st child has developed a passion for learning how to play the piano, read and create music. He is progressing steadily and gains confidence from the encouragement of his piano teacher Ms. Nicole. She is a wonderful and patient piano teacher. Now my 2nd child has just started his piano lessons too! It's such a joy witnessing my boys learning the art of music in a warm and caring environment. Also, the General manager are very helpful and easy to communicate with. Thank you!

    Flo Lim Google 2018
  • My son has been with the KeyboardKidz program since 2015 and has absolutely enjoyed his experience. Thank you to his Teacher Nicole who has been a patient, caring, understanding and talented teacher. Thank you also to Malcolm for always handling our enquiries with professionalism. We highly recommend the program for anyone wanting to learn piano. Thank you again.

    Petelonila Iona Google 2019
  • My son (aged 7) started piano with the free Keyboard Kidz trial lesson and has had Piano lessons once a week at Keyboard kidz for the last 2 years. I would highly recommend learning piano with them. His teacher Daria, is a patient, knowledgeable and technically skilled teacher. She interacts well with our soon, keeping him focused and has made steady progress on improving his techniques and repertoire (completed level 2 now).

    S.F. Google 2019
  • I highly recommend Keyboardkidz, and only ever recommend them, especially if you have a long term view to your child’s music education. All the teachers have the high knowledge of content, the drive and passion required to build such great relationships with their students which inevitably results in enjoyable and progressive learning. I learnt from Keyboardkidz as a child, then taught for them when I left school and completed my exams. I gained a lot of experience from their program and now run a small studio from home. As a young mum and a piano teacher, I know the value in a music education. I now have my son enrolled at Keyboardkidz and I couldn’t be happier. I love that it is a reading based system with exams and concerts, but also encourages children to compose and improvise music. We now have two generations of our family having joined the school and I am so thankful for that. With Keyboardkidz alongside, I have no doubt that my sons music education will only keep getting better and I hope my son will be able to achieve what I did.

    Celeste Barake Google 2019
  • My 20 year old started learning with Keyboardkidz from when she was 6. Very happy with the teachers and opportunities for performance. I now have my 2 younger children learning with them.

    Estrella Hernandez Google 2018
  • My child has just completed their 5th piano exam with KeyboardKidz. I just wanted to say thank you. As for previous years, the exam preparation and sitting, was professional and supportive. This year, due to other commitments on the exam day, we required a video exam on a different date which Malcolm was easily able to organise. My child started piano with the free KeyboardKidz trial lesson and we have now been with them for over 5 years. Through that time, we have had a number of teachers - all have been knowledgeable, patient and significantly contributed to the enjoyment my child now has from playing. So a big thank you to Malcolm and all our teachers!

    J S Thomas Google 2018

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