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Many of our teachers are former Keyboardkidz students. This is a clear indicator of the success of our teaching program. 

These teachers began piano with us as young children and are equipped with plenty of experience as a performer, as well as a strong understanding of musical theory and composition – and they are now teaching young children themselves!

we are an awesome team of young, talented, and caring music loving piano teachers!

Become a Keyboardkidz piano teacher

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Quality piano tuition requires quality piano teachers. We select our teachers based on their musical qualifications, skills, personality, and of course, their passion and dedication for teaching! The majority of our teachers stay with us for over 4 years and are required to undergo regular training and review during their time with us. This is to ensure that every single Keyboardkidz student is receiving top quality piano tuition.

My daughter was a student of Keyboardkidz for five years and when she began had never had individual lessons before. She was guided through several exams with excellent results and completed her Associate Diploma of Music in her final year.

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Music is a Language

Point. Say. Play

Our Course material teaches children to play piano through reading music, not through rote or memory which is too often the case. At the age of 5 or 6 children have already developed a natural ear for music, that is how they can easily memorise and sing complex songs. We now need to teach them to read music. Just like at school they are learning to read and write.


With each new song children point to the notes they are playing. This develops their ability to simultaneously play notes on the piano while their eyes to follow and read the music.


Students also call out the notes names as they point to them, this helps them quickly cement the recognition of the notes.


Once children have mastered pointing and saying the playing comes very easily. This is because they have a sound understanding of what they are playing as they have learned to read and understand the language of music.

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