Piano Video Tutorials

Free video tutorials are available for all of Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 books. Please click on each link that corresponds to the page and activity you are learning to watch the piano tutorial.

Step 2 Elementary
Video Tutorials

Step 2 Piano Elementary

C F and G Song
Page 6/7

Country Boogie
Page 12/13

Lets Learn About 3/4 Time
Page 22/23

The Old Rock Guitar
Page 26/27

The Mambo Dance
Page 30/31

Romantic Waltz
Page 34/35

New Rhythm!
Page 40/41

The Quaver Song
Page 42/43

Theory and Activity Lesson 13
Page 54/55

The Baroque Band
Page 56/57

Live in Hollywood
Page 62/63

The Dotted Crotchet
Page 74/75

Funkie Techno
Page 76/77

C Major Scale
Page 84/85

New! Sharp Sign & G Major Scale
Page 88/89

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