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Australian National Piano School of the year 5 years running!

Piano lessons for kids

Established in 2001, Keyboardkidz has been providing quality piano tuition across brisbane for over 15 years. We are currently the AGME Australia School of the Year an award we have now received 4 years running this is due to the dedication of our hard working teachers and students. All of our teachers participate in an on going training program to further their skills.

Our students perform better

Shorter Lessons

Better Focus

Students are more focused in the lesson and are more receptive to learning when they are kept at a child-friendly length. 

Home-made Perfection

Students grow independence in their musical learning and practise more at home. Training is a supplementary guide to the child’s at home practice.

Learning Sweet-Spot

Don’t waste your money with 45-minute or 60-minute lessons. Shorter lessons are more conducive to faster learning.

Personally guided tuition

Effective and efficient teaching methods

All beginners on piano start with 20 minute lessons at Keyboardkidz Piano School. Our teachers are trained to be efficient in running their lessons, to be able to cover the same amount of material as a traditional 30 minute lesson. Most students can stay on these 20 minute lessons for quite a number of years.

When they reach approximately grade 3 piano, parents have the option to upgrade them to 30 minute lessons. These students will stay on 30 minute lessons even in advanced piano grades, even up to 8th grade, certificate and diploma level.

Learn on an Acoustic Piano

Quality instruments

When teaching piano, students should be provided with quality acoustic pianos, not keyboards. Digital pianos with weighted keys should only be used for beginner students through to about 4th grade level. It is for this reason why our studios use real acoustic pianos.

As many of our students continue piano through to 7th or 8th grade, and even certificate and diploma level, it is imperative that we have instruments that can handle a higher level of piano education for all students.

Music is a Language

Point. Say. Play

Our Course material teaches children to play piano through reading music, not through rote or memory which is too often the case. At the age of 5 or 6 children have already developed a natural ear for music, that is how they can easily memorise and sing complex songs. We now need to teach them to read music. Just like at school they are learning to read and write.


With each new song children point to the notes they are playing. This develops their ability to simultaneously play notes on the piano while their eyes to follow and read the music.


Students also call out the notes names as they point to them, this helps them quickly cement the recognition of the notes.


Once children have mastered pointing and saying the playing comes very easily. This is because they have a sound understanding of what they are playing as they have learned to read and understand the language of music.

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