Piano Lessons in Morningside

Kid’s piano lessons in Morningside are held privately and run by Malcolm Smith. Please note that spaces in Morningside are limited so please enquire to secure your preferred time.

Kid’s Piano Lessons in Morningside – Private Tuition

Address: Centrally located in Morningside at 11 Agnes Street, QLD 4170.

Contact: SMS only to 0447573337

Lessons in Morningside are taught by the talented Mr Malcolm Smith who has over 30 years of professional tuition training, piano experience, and music education. His teaching style allows students to learn piano quickly by utilising the “point, play, say” method and provides children as young as 5 with the  necessary foundations to become successful young musicians and pianists.

Malcolm is able to build rapport quickly with students and parents of all ages and your child will be learning to play piano in a fun and progressive way in no time!

**Children must be at least 5 years of age**

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**Children must be at least 5 years of age**

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