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Casual Piano Teacher Brisbane

We have a number of piano teacher jobs in Brisbane at Keyboardkidz. We’re always looking for the right people to join our team of teachers across Brisbane. We are not only looking for teachers who are passionate about teaching but someone who is reliable, organised and willing to make a commitment. Please submit your interest and we’ll be in contact shortly to arrange an interview and determine your suitability.

We employ our piano teachers as casual employees, not contractors. This is important for you it means we get to look after your tax (PAYG), pay you your superannuation entitlements and you are insured by Work Cover QLD. Great rates and job flexibility. Apply today.

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We’re an equal opportunity employer and encourage anyone proficient in piano to a grade 8 standard and with a minimum of 4th grade theory to apply. We have some of the best rates of pay in Brisbane for piano teachers and typically our piano teachers stay with us for at least 2-3 years while studying.

Our Expectations

Are you?


The ability to play piano to a minimum of a grade 8 standard 

Understand Theory

Understand music and piano theory to a minimum of 4th grade theory.


The ability to communicate well with both students and parents.


A willingness to learn and continue to develop your teaching skills.


A fun, approachable and outgoing personality is desirable.

Young at Heart

You need to love kids and being around children of all ages.

we are an awesome team of young, talented, and caring music loving piano teachers!