Video Lessons

Keyboardkidz offers video lessons for students in distance education

Live Video Lessons

Our unique live video lessons are perfect for students in remote Australia.

Keyboardkidz is proud to offer our new Live Video Lessons. This is a perfect option for students who are not near any of our current 17 locations as well as in remote towns in Australia. The lesson is conducted the same as if it was in on of our studios, we video call at your standard pre arranged time every week, the student will be at the piano and our teacher will be at a piano ready to conduct the lesson. We can also conduct student exams via video.

What do you need?


ADSL 2+ is preferred to ensure the smooth running of lessons.


Computer with Skype installed and running with video and audio.

Download Skype


A piano that can be practiced on and used during lessons.

Buying a Piano

Why Video Lessons?

Our video lessons are specially designed to allow students in remote parts of Australia to get access to the same high standard of piano lessons avaiable in the citys. We understand how it can be hard to get a piano teacher in small towns, by offering video lessons you can get access to highly trained teachers.

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