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Our unique "Point, Play + Say" system encourages children to learn to read, write and play music.

All children have a natural 'ear' for music. However, if a child is allowed to rely on their ear to learn and play songs, it becomes by difficult for them to have long term success. Because of this, the single most important skill your child should learn when they begin playing is how to read music.

With this in mind, the "Point, Play and Say" learning system was developed. "Point, Play and Say" is a simple, yet incredibly effective, method for teaching music reading and performance skills. This is because it not only teaches a child to recognise the notes that form written music, but develops the coordination between the eyes and hands, and teaches students how to read and play notes simultaneously.

The course material and the way it is taught are vital to your child's long term success. The first one or two years of tuition are the most important part of their music education. This is where the foundations of learning are laid, and it is the skills they learn in the first two years that will carry them through to high standard musicianship.

At Keyboardkidz, reading music is the foundation of everything we do. Music is a language, and the reading and writing of this language is vital to any student's long term success. The "Point, Play and Say" method teaches students to read, write and compose music at the piano, thus laying a firm foundation for their future musical development.

You can view more about the course we use by visiting the Piano School Publishing website by clicking here.

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