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Australian National Piano School of the Year 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014

Established in 2001, Keyboardkidz has been providing quality piano tuition across brisbane for over 15 years. We are currently the AGME Australia School of the Year an award we have now received 4 years running this is due to the dedication of our hard working teachers and students. All of our teachers participate in an on going training program to further their skills. We welcome you to have a look around our website where we offer alot of valuable information for prospective parents, if you have any questions please contact us.

Proven Results

Effective and Efficient Teaching Methods

All beginners on piano start with 20 minute lessons at Keyboardkidz Piano School. Our teachers are trained to be efficient in running their lessons, to be able to cover the same amount of material as a traditional 30 minute lesson. Most students can stay on these 20 minute lessons for quite a number of years. When they reach approximately grade 3 piano, parents have the option to upgrade them to 30 minute lessons. These students will stay on 30 minute lessons even in advanced piano grades, even up to 8th grade, certificate and diploma level.

Our students do BETTER with shorter lessons because:
Students are more focused in lesson and are more receptive to learning
Students grow independence in their musical learning and practise more at home
Parents save money in the long term as they never have to upgrade to 45 minute or 60 minute lessons

Our Teachers

Quality piano tuition requires quality piano teachers. We select our teachers based on their musical qualifications, skills, personality, and of course, their passion and dedication for teaching! The majority of our teachers stay with us for over 4 years and are required to undergo regular training and review during their time with us. This is to ensure that every single Keyboardkidz student is receiving top quality piano tuition.

It is also interesting to note that many of our teachers are former Keyboardkidz students! This is a clear indicator of the success of our teaching program. These teachers began piano with us as young children and are equipped with plenty of experience as a performer, as well as a strong understanding of musical theory and composition - and they are now teaching young children themselves!

Quality Instruments

When teaching piano, students should be provided with quality acoustic pianos, not keyboards. Digital pianos with weighted keys should only be used for beginner students through to about 4th grade level. It is for this reason that 14 of our 19 studios are currently equipped with acoustic pianos, which are less than 2 years old, and our other 2 studios are equipped with AMEB approved digitals pianos (which are in the process of being upgraded to acoustic pianos). As many of our students continue piano through to 7th or 8th grade, and even certificate and diploma level, it is imperative that we have instruments that can handle this high level of piano education.

Members Benefits

Enrol with Keyboardkidz to get access to a range of exclusive discounts, specials and events across Brisbane.

Members only specials at Brisbane leading music stores
Heavily discounted piano tuning
Exclusive invitation to two piano concerts per year
Knowledge and experiance from our dedicated team

2 Professional Concerts

Every year Keyboardkidz runs 2 concerts for students to enter. This allows students to develop their skills in public performance and gain valuable experiance. Our concerts are the envy of many schools across Australia for their professionalism and excellent quality of performances. Every student is activly encouraged to enter both concerts.

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